Most people don’t think about what’s happening “down the drain” until there’s a problem. Routine drain maintenance isn’t likely on the agenda. But it should be. Keeping water flowing smoothly is vital. You want to catch little problems before they become big ones, right? Simple day-to-day activities help prevent problems. Nationally, clogged and slow-running drains

Homeowners with a private well too often take their water well pump for granted. When they turn on the tap they expect water to come streaming out. When it doesn’t, it’s a serious problem. A problem that can be avoided with regular checks and maintenance to the pump serving your Cross Plains WI area home.

Every water softener is a water conditioner but not every conditioner is a softener. Confusing? It comes down to what the tool does to and for your Cross Plains or Middleton WI water. A quick definition points out a conditioner changes the structure of hard minerals in water, preventing them from creating a buildup of

If you rely upon a private well for your family’s water an annual well water testing program should be high on your “to do list.” If you have a shallow well you should have water tested more than once a year – ideally, spring and fall but anytime you notice a potential problem. For water

Installing a water filter in your Cross Plains WI area home protects your plumbing and your family’s heath. Southern Wisconsin water is full of minerals that impact your drinking water, especially if you have your own well. Some are beneficial. Many are not. In addition, chemicals from surrounding lands pose a risk. The national Water

Hot water heaters are easily taken for granted and a hot water heater failure is a household disaster. Damage, cost and disruption can all be avoided by monitoring the performance of the unit in your Middleton and Cross Plains WI area home. All water heaters provide symptoms letting you know when something is wrong. Basic,

A November “Arctic Blast” brought the threat of frozen pipes to homeowners in southern Wisconsin much earlier than usual. In Cross Plains WI and the surrounding area below normal temperatures serve as a wakeup call – and warning of what’s to come. Fall freezing temperatures usually don’t last long enough to do real damage. Now

The bathroom sink has taken on an expanded role in modern design. Advanced materials and styles cater to many lifestyles and stand up to daily use at the same time. From classic, under-the-counter models, pedestals and on top of the counter pedestals, there’s a sink just right for your Middleton WI home. In most homes

Designer sinks for your new kitchen come in dozens of shapes, colors, materials and styles. Replacing the old one in your Middleton WI home with the newest options isn’t always easy. Many require special plumbing that differs from standard installations. One of the hardest-working and often-overlooked features in your kitchen, the sink has to be

A modern bathroom shower fixture creates a refreshing experience to begin a day or relax after a long one. With all the options available today, you can create an oasis in your Cross Plains WI shower. The first place to begin is with the right shower head. Which shower head is the right one for

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