Well pump failure! When water doesn’t appear from the tap in your rural Cross Plains WI or Middleton WI home it’s a serious problem. Wear and tear on mechanical appliances is a fact of life. Equipment fails. But keeping clean water flowing is more than a luxury. It’s vital to your family’s health and wellbeing.

Well Pump Failure – Not An Option!

Regular garbage disposal maintenance pays dividends. Hidden away in your Cross Plains WI home, under-sink disposal systems are more complex than they look. Out of sight should not mean out of mind. Calling a plumber to avoid a pre-meal crisis is always more than a distraction. During the holidays it’s a disaster. Professional plumbers offer

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

After the stresses of summer heat and flooding rains rural homeowners find peace of mind in a positive well water quality test. Combining water testing with timely water treatment safeguards the health of your family in Cross Plains WI, Middleton WI and Waunakee WI. As a homeowner with a private water supply, you need to

Water Quality Test Makes Sense In Fall

We all know winter in Wisconsin is harsh and seems to last forever. Now’s the time to take steps to safeguard your Cross Plains WI area home from threats to its plumbing in winter. Ice and snow are a sure thing in the months ahead. Frozen pipes, damaged well pumps and interrupted water flow need

Safeguard Plumbing In Winter – Timely Reminders

Is it safe to assume your home’s water is safe or should you regularly test well water? Flash floods and prolonged droughts impact ground water in Cross Plains WI and the surrounding area. Both have been in the news in 2021. It is easy for homeowners to get complacent, after all “you’ve always had a

Test Well Water – Don’t Gamble With Health

Does adding a water treatment system to your Cross Plains WI or Middleton WI home make sense? If you have “hard water” the answer is yes. And, you can be assured the water in southern Wisconsin is “hard.” A home treatment system makes a big difference. For many homeowners their water treatment unit is a

Improve Your Quality Of Life With A Water Treatment System

Is a walk-in bathtub just for the old and infirm? If you think a walk-in tub means giving in to old age, look at what’s new in walk-in tub technology. True, walk-in installations are great features that allow an aging population to “age in place.” However, today’s walk-in tubs are stylish, safe and enjoyable. Adding

Is There A Walk-in Bathtub In Your Future

A tankless water heater is designed to give you hot water whenever you need it. Every homeowner in Cross Plains WI and around southern Wisconsin wants unlimited hot water, right? And if you can do it while replacing bulky old hot water heaters with sleek, space-saving tankless systems what could be better? Especially when you

Is A Tankless Water Heater A Good Choice?

When it comes to a replacement shower head the number of choices might amaze you. With more styles, shapes, sizes and customizing features available all the time there’s one just right for your Middleton WI or Cross Plains WI home. As the bathroom pulled even with the kitchen as the top site for home remodeling,

Replacement Shower Head – Gentle Rain To High-pressure Blast

In the era of coronavirus hands-free “smart” technology like a high-tech touchless faucet in your kitchen makes sense. Throughout Middleton WI, Cross Plains WI and the entire area homeowners are looking for ways to keep families safe. Is making a change that improves your kitchen’s efficiency even better? A hands-free faucet is a timely solution.

Add ‘Smart’ Technology With A Touchless Faucet

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