If you hear any of the following sounds, pay close attention:

Well pumps are not silent but when they make more noise than usual it’s a signal a well pump repair is in your future. The normal sounds depend upon the type and location of the pump in your Middleton WI area home. A well-maintained system normally makes very little noise beyond the clicking of the controls as it goes on and off. And sometimes the sound of water entering the pressure tank and building in the building’s pipes.

  • Banging or “hammering”
  • More clicking than usual
  • A “clunk” or a “thunk”
  • Humming
  • Grinding
  • Rattling
  • “Screaming”
  • Vibrations

Diagnosing Well Pump Issues

Unusual noises signal potential problems within your well water system. The key to keeping a minor problem from turning into a serious one is a quick response. The most common sources of unusual noise inside your pump are the impeller or the bearings. These are the moving parts under the most daily stress.

  • Bearing noise – the pump’s bearings allow the drive shaft to pass through the pump’s housing and connect to the impeller. Bearings that squeak or click as the pump works means they are worn almost to the breaking point. Replacing bearings is a fact of life with every pump.
  • Impeller noise – if debris gets into a well pump housing impellers wear faster than normal – or unevenly. Dirt and sand grind away on the impeller’s surface. Sticks, leaves or larger debris block movement, too. A quality filter in the system to keep debris out is the best defense.

All electric motors make some noise. Knowing what’s normal and what’s unusual in your system is the key to scheduling well pump maintenance before you need a major repair or replacement.

Well Pump Repair Alerts

The following is a brief list of noises to recognize to avoid serious well pump repair bills.

  • Hammering and banging – the most likely cause of banging when the system goes on and off isn’t the pump.  Water hammering is also called hydrostatic shock. It’s related to air trapped in the system when valves shut too quickly. When valves close quickly on rapidly flowing water there’s a pressure change that causes a shock wave that rattle your plumbing.
  • Clicking controls – the pump’s pressure control switch normally clicks when it turns on and off. Humming accompanying the clicks might mean a stuck relay switch. That burns out the controls. A rapid, repeated clicking means the well pump is short cycling. That’s probably because your pressure tank is waterlogged.
  • Clunks and thunks – usually noticed near the pressure tanke when the pump switch is in the “on” cycle. Check the relay switch and check valves. Vibration loosens connections when there’s a shock of sudden pressure changes.
  • Hard starting,  humming – when the pump motor hums but doesn’t start it could be seizing. This is a major concern and likely to require an immediate water well pump repair. Learn to recognize the normal operating sounds of your system so you’ll know when the humming is “out of tune.”
  • Rattling and grinding – impeller damage is usually signaled by an obvious grinding sound. Whether caused by debris or a broken assembly, the sound varies from grinding to loud rattling.
  • Screaming, screeching – when pump bearings go bad the sound of metal on metal make a terrible noise.

Avoid Well Pump Repair With Routine Maintenance

Routine inspection of your pump system is the least costly maintenance plan therefore annual pump servicing Black Earth WI residents should do. Look for obvious issues and listen for tell-tale sounds.

Among the most common concerns headed off by a personal inspection are a host of things caused by vibrations. When its mount isn’t secure the pump shakes, clanks and rattles. It’s most obvious when it starts and stops. A pump bouncing around on its mounts cause leaks and threatens the electrical connections. Where does vibration come from:

  • Loose components, connections
  • Loose mounts or worn mounting connections
  • Damage inside the pump – damaged impeller or bad bearings
  • Worn or damaged electric motor
  • Poor connection between motor and pump

The trained, licensed professionals at Sauk Plains Plumbing and Pumps have decades of experience installing and maintaining water wells, pumps and system components. Call or email Sauk Plains Plumbing, 608-798-2121, to schedule well pump maintenance and well pump repair for your Middleton WI area home.

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