Well pump failure! When water doesn’t appear from the tap in your rural Cross Plains WI or Middleton WI home it’s a serious problem. Wear and tear on mechanical appliances is a fact of life. Equipment fails. But keeping clean water flowing is more than a luxury. It’s vital to your family’s health and wellbeing.

Are you aware of the common signs that a pump’s performance is lagging? The signs are easier to spot than they may be to cure. There are causes beyond age and wear, including:

  • A local power failure – without power only the water left in the system’s pressure tank is available. Even a partial loss can trip a circuit breaker cutting off your pump. Power spikes from lightning strikes damage a systems, too.
  • Low water tables – well water is reduced in a drought year. An extended drought leads to poor water pressure and poor water quality. Sputtering tap water or discolored, murky water with a bad taste are other signs.
  • Sediment build-up – chemicals and minerals in the water result in residue and sediment that wears on moving parts. They slowly wear on bearings, impellers and other parts. This region’s hard water is a major contributor.
  • The wrong pump size – a pump too small for a household demand reduces it performance. Adding faucets or appliances to increase water use makes a pump work harder. Is it time to upgrade your well pump?

Signs of Pending Well Pump Failure

Well Pump Failure | Cross Plains WI | Sauk Plains Plumbing
When you expect water to flow freely and it doesn’t it’s more than a nuisance. Pump failures can be avoided with maintenance checkups.

If your well pump is working overtime or running rough it has trouble maintaining pressure. Low pressure is caused by a variety of things. It could be a hole in a water line and a leak. In addition, look for these tell-tale signs:

  • Too little air – called a “short cycle” when there isn’t enough air in the system the pressure tank gets water-logged. A pump should run for at least a minute. If it doesn’t pressures fluctuate. There could be noises in pipes, too.
  • Too much air – if tap water is too foamy or bubbly it’s a sign there’s too much air in the system. Too much air means a pump is failing.
  • Low water pressure – is the pressure from the tap weaker than normal? Check for leaks. If lines are sound it’s a sure sign of a bad pump.
  • Unusual noises – strange noises from the pump or anywhere in the system are major warning signs. A bearing could be wearing out or another moving part is giving way. Don’t wait too long to have a professional check it out.
  • Rising electric bills – if a well pump runs more than normal just to keep water pressure levels up it’s a bad sign. The pump is overworked and it’s adding to your electric bill.

Choose The Right Replacement Well Pump

Well Pump Failure | Cross Plains WI | Sauk Plains Plumbing
Water with too many bubbles, too much air is a sign a well pump is in distress.

When the time comes to replace your well pump or upgrade the system, there are two common types of pumps used in this area:  a jet pump and a submersible pump.

  • Jet Pumps – able to pull water from as deep as 100 feet, they can be installed in either shallow or deep wells. Above ground jet pumps are relatively easy to maintain and service. They have a normal working life of about 10 years.
  • Submersible pumps – always installed deep within a well to push water out from hundreds of feet below the surface. Properly maintained they’ll last 15 years or longer. They can be difficult to repair.

Knowing the age of your well water pump is a good first step in planning for maintenance, repairs and replacements for Middleton WI pump servicing.

Head-off Well Pump Failure

Are you comfortable trouble-shooting potential weaknesses in your well water system? Most people, although they think otherwise, are not. When they turn on the tap for a morning shower and nothing happens they realize the old saying about an “ounce of prevention…” is true.

Is keeping clean water flowing on demand worth investing in a professional inspection of your water system? Setting aside time and money now to avoid a major expense and disruption later makes sense. Plan an annual inspection. When you rely upon the trained, licensed professionals at Sauk Plains Plumbing & Pumps you’ll get answers to your questions, insights into what your system can provide and the benefit of years of experience.

Sauk Plains Plumbing & Pumps’ skilled, licensed plumbers are on call to respond to any emergency situation. Call 608-798-2121 or email us when you need a certified plumber for a routine inspection, well pump repairs or installation. Advanced planning can head-off well pump failure and keep water flowing freely into your Cross Plains WI, Verona, Waunakee or Middleton WI area home.

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