Signs Your Well Pump Is Failing –

A well pump failure is not the end of the world.

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Lower water pressure is a good sign water pumps are in the process of failing

But just imagine. You’re showering. You’re soapy. A mountain of shampoo is in your hair. It’s at that moment your water stops flowing because your well pump failed. Not the end of the world – but very inconvenient and maybe even a little annoying.

Most people would prefer to avoid failing well pumps and this type of scenario – especially in the winter months.

Predicting A Well Pump Failure

Fortunately, there are warning signs for well pumps. providing insight for homeowners wanting to avoid being stranded with a standing shampoo mountain on their heads. Below are a few well pump warning signs providing hints that a failure is on its way.

Short Cycling – this occurs when there is a lack of air in the well pump system – the pressure tank is water logged. Well pumps should run at least a minute. If the running time is less, it is a short cycle. Accompanying the short cycle may be loud pipe noises or pressure fluctuations. Any or all of these symptoms can be a precursor to a well pump failure.

Presence of Air – another symptom of failing well pumps is too much air. If water comes out of your faucet like it’s a soda fountain, it a pretty good bet your well pump is on the way out.

Low Water Pressure – you may notice your water pressure is a little lower than it has been in the past. You have a stream of water, but it is not as robust as it has been in the past. Your well pump is slowly failing. The only question is when it will stop working for good.

High Electric Costs – if your well pump is running constantly to keep water pressure up, it is setting itself up for failure. The result is it is robbing you of money because of increased electricity costs. It can also be a sign of a hole in a pipe somewhere in the system. High electric costs show your well pump is trying hard to keep up.

Different Than Normal Well Pump Noises – when you hear strange noises coming from your well pump, it is a sign the pump is beginning to fail. A bearing may be wearing out or another moving part may be wearing poorly. It is a definite sign a replacement will be needed at some point.

Replacing Well Pumps – Now Or Later

Any or all of the signs listed above indicate well pumps will need to be replaced. The real question is when. Homeowners have two choices. They are –

Choice One – replace your well pump now before it has the chance to fail causing disruption and headache. The professionals at Sauk Plains Plumbing & Pumps suggest this option.

Choice Two – wait until the well pump fails and causes the frustration, disruption and headache mentioned above. Not only is this inconvenient, but repair staff may not be immediately available.

It’s your choice.

To have your well pump assessed, contact Sauk Plains Plumbing and Pumps, serving Cross Plains, Middleton, Waunakee WI and western Dane County. Call us at 608-798-2121 or email us and we will call you.

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