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Hard water left untreated in Middleton WI can ruin bathroom fixtures and clog pipes

Hard Water Damages Bathroom Fixtures In Middleton WI

Our customers have told us how they have noticed hard water deposits on their bathroom fixtures. Their showers, faucet heads develop hard crusty formations from hard water.

Hard water has minerals in it and the crusty formations are simply mineral deposits. Most municipal water companies remove a fair amount of minerals from hard water. However, they do not remove all of the minerals from hard water. Your bathroom fixtures will always be at risk of getting crusty and ruined by hard water. The minerals in hard water, that is missed by the municipal water treatment process ends up in your plumbing and it can develop into a big problem.

Hard Water | Middleton WI | Sauk Plains Plumbing & Pumps
Hard water can ruin bathroom fixtures and cause harmful deposits in equipment

In Middleton WI, Sauk Plains Plumbing & Pumps offers water tests and solutions to hard water mineral deposits that can harm your bathroom fixtures. A big problem that develops over time is clogging. Bathroom fixture clogging can get severe if hard water is not treated. Even if you are able to treat deposits on your bathroom fixtures, more hard water can appear deeper in the plumbing and cannot be reached with a store-bought cleanser. Clogs can be very problematic because in addition to denying you water, the pressure clogs induce may place stress on seals and fittings causing leaks.

Hard Water Harm Pipes

Hard water scaling can also corrode your pipes. This corrosion increases the possibility leaks or ruptures. While this process can take a long time – years in many cases – when a leak does occur, damage to surrounding wood, fixtures and even more (if the leak occurs behind a wall) before it’s discovered.

Hard Water | Middleton WI | Sauk Plains Plumbing & Pumps
Hard water can build in plumbing causing reduced flow and leaks

Calling a plumber to remove the hard water deposits is a short-term solution. If the deposits are extreme or leaks have started, having your plumbing completely replaced may be the best option. However, repair will not changes the content of the water. To eliminate hard water minerals, you might want to consider a whole house filtration system, to remove minerals from your water. This eliminate both the hard water and the deposits they cause. Treating hard water will also make laundered clothes and skin softer. It will also improve the taste of the food cooked with water.

Contact The Hard Water Treatment Experts In Middleton WI

If you have hard water damaging your bathroom fixtures in Middleton WI, give the pros at Sauk Plains Plumbing and Pumps a call. We are experts at dealing with all types of plumbing challenges in Middleton WI. Our experience and knowledge can help you identify any plumbing issues and solve them quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions about hard water in Middleton WI, call or email the hard water pros at Sauk Plains Plumbing and Pump. We’ll be happy to help you solve your problems protect you bathroom fixtures. In addition to serving Middleton WI, we serve Cross Plains, Waunakee, Black Earth, Mount Horeb, Verona and western Dane County.

We are ready to help with you bathroom fixtures and problems caused by hard water in Middleton WI.

Solutions To Hard Water Problems


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