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A water filter will ensure family has clear and healthy water in Middleton and Cross Plains WI

Considering A Water Filter For Your Home In Middleton WI

Water treatment for many homeowners means using a water pitcher with a water filter capability to remove particles from drinking water. However, that leaves the rest of the water in your home unfiltered. The contaminants in your drinking water may also exist in your dishwasher, washing machine, shower, and even water you use to brush your teeth. Don’t you and your family deserve clean water from every faucet and fixture you use?

A complete home water filter can be installed at the water supply’s point-of-entry into your home. This is the only way you can be sure your entire water supply is completely safe.

What Makes A Water Filter Necessary In Middleton & Cross Plains

Municipal water goes through a treatment process to make water safer for human consumption. While municipal water treatment is generally a good start, the process usually targets contaminants common to your area. Particles and organisms often remain or they can collect in the pipes along the way to your home. In addition, for public health reasons, water treatment plants introduce chemicals like chlorine and fluoride to the water, to which some people are sensitive.

By using a water filter for your homes’ water supply you are protecting against one or several contaminants. These contaminants can impact your health, skin, hair, and even your water pipes and plumbing.

Common contaminants include arsenic, which can lead to skin damage and has been linked to cancer, legionella, and an organism known to cause pneumonia. An effective water filter can also protect against nitrates which are a risk to small children.

With a whole-home water filter, you can target specific contaminants. Reverse osmosis filter systems provide the most comprehensive protection. A water treatment option that is easy to do is a water softener for preventing pipe damage and other problems caused by “hard water.”

Professional Installation Of Your Water Filter Is Recommended

The important thing for do-it-yourselfers is to understand installing any type of water filter can be an involved project. It requires water to be shut off, pipes to be dismantled and then reassembled properly for everything to work correctly. A skilled plumber will make very specific calculations prior to the start of your water filter installation. In addition, your plumber will troubleshoot your plumbing, looking for any part of your plumbing needing attention before the installation is done.

During a filter installation, an experienced plumber will have all of the proper equipment needed to do the job and test the accuracy of your new water filter and for proper function.

Sauk Plains Plumbing and Pumps has expert plumbers to help you review your water treatment needs. Starting with water testing, our plumbers will help you select the correct water filter for your needs and install it properly to ensure problem free operation.

We can help with your water treatment and water filter in Middleton WI, Cross Plains WI, Waunakee, Madison, Black Earth, Mount Horeb, Verona and Fitchburg WI.

Call Sauk Plains Plumbing and Pumps at 608-798-2121 or email us for more information about water filter installation in Middleton WI.

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