Advances In Bathroom Technology

The concept of a “smart” home is visible throughout the house and bathroom technology is keeping pace. The latest bathroom renovation trend goes beyond a spa-like space to a “smart” room. What can you expect in Middleton WI and Dane County in the foreseeable future? Look for advances making bathrooms more convenient, comfortable and family-friendly.

The challenge to designers is striking the proper balance between function and aesthetics. Where does modern technology fit in? The move toward a high-tech bathroom isn’t as new or revolutionary as you might think. Many options have been available for a while.

High-tech Bathroom Renovation

For nearly 20 years high-tech advances have found their way into bathrooms with everything from steam showers and under-floor heating to auto-flush toilets and digitally-controlled show heads.

Consider a few of the innovations that prove useful in the bathroom:

  • “Intelligent” toilets – units use sensors to know when to flush and some open and close automatically. Additional comfort features include heated seats.
  • Cleaner, healthier toilets – while comfort is important, advances in designs that reduce bacteria buildup and minimize mold are even more beneficial. There are self-cleaning toilets with UV sterilized seats and bowls to reduce germs.
  • Smart showers – energy efficiency drives most shower upgrades. But a comfortable experience is a close second. High-tech showers with digital controls preheat the water and pause the flow until it reaches the right temperature. Some can be programmed from a digital device. Remote operation saves water and insures a more comfortable experience.
  • Smart mirrors – advancing technology extends to mirrors that respond to voice commands to turn on built-in lights and control the intensity of the light.

Bathroom Technology Catering To Your Comfort

The hottest trend in bathroom renovation is creating a private, relaxing spa-like atmosphere. The latest in high-tech combines with engineering and material developments to provide a holistic approach. Among the most popular items on a new bathroom wish list are:

  • Stand-alone soaking tubs – the trend toward large, jetted tubs has been replaced by the use of deep, free-standing tubs. Showers are for cleaning, baths are for relaxing.
  • Rainfall showerheads – combine the cleaning power of a shower with peace and tranquility of a gentle rain. Relaxation and water conservation at the same time is a winning combination.
  • Mood lighting – colored light therapy (chromatherapy) is a trendy healing method to balance mind and body. Showers are available with LCD panels and built-in lighting. Daylight-matching LED bulbs brighten the morning and night-light effects work at the end of the day. Toilet bowls even come with built-in lights.
  • Aromatherapy – use essential oils to invigorate mind and body through relaxing scents. Available as countertop units or as an attachment for the shower.
  • Add a refrigerator  – have a cool drink handy to hydrate during a hot soak. A refrigerated bathroom cabinet extends the life of preservative-free cosmetics and body care products, too.
  • Audio/Visual devices – bring your favorite playlist into your new bathroom with Bluetooth technology, but don’t stop with good sound. There are high-tech TVs with water-proof screens to stand up to any bathroom moisture. A sound and video system might be the ultimate advance in bathroom technology.

Increase Bathroom Ventilation

The sweeping advances in bathroom technology often overshadow more practical concerns. At the core of every bathroom renovation is the need to provide a comfortable environment. That means making sure there’s plenty of ventilation to prevent mold and mildew from impacting the surroundings. Bathroom vent fans have kept pace with engineering and technological advances. They, too, are smarter than ever. Sensors in smart vent fans activate when the humidity in the room hits a preset level. They are programmable from various devices like phones and tablets. Design features make the fans quieter and even less intrusive, too.

Professional Installation For Bathroom Technology

The master bath fights with the kitchen for the numberone space for updates and additions so it isn’t surprising that advances intechnology make headlines. Rely upon the trained, licensed professionals at Sauk Plains Plumbing and Pumps for the latest applications and skilledinstallation. Call Sauk Plains Plumbing, 608-798-2121, to discuss your bathroomrenovation plans and discuss how to make the most of the latest bathroomtechnology in your Middleton WI area home.

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